Essentially, we aim to be as independent as possible. We bring almost everything necessary for the installation. What we need from the venue, however:

*electricity, preferably a separate source for each of the four of us.
*possibly, two tables/surfaces of approximately 50cm by 50 cm at approximately 1 meter in height.
*one or two digital projectors, if available & requested, & support from personnel familiar with them.
*a PA/sound system, if previously agreed upon due to the size of the room, & support from personnel familiar with it. We will be sending you two stereo signals in this event, which can most likely best be routed to your system through DI boxes, to be provided by the venue.
*ample duct tape to secure speaker cables
*screens/projectioin surfaces, in the event of a room that does not fit the "white box" description you find here.
If you need all the info about the gegenschein at once as pdf-file, you can get it here!