Ideally we prefer to set up together in a sort of island in the middle of the space, roughly in a tight circle facing each other, the sound artists & the visual artists opposite each other, respectively. This takes up a space roughly four meters square. Within this space we have our entire sound & visual laboratory, excluding our speaker installation & any external digital projectors or screens. The performance is conceived as a room-encompassing, immersive, 3D experience: ideally we would love to play in a "white box" situation that would allow us to use the whole room as projection space, including the ceiling. If this is not entirely possible, arrangements should be made to provide ample screens/projection surface, as we should stress that we are not a traditional frontal VJ act. As far as amplification is concerned, we bring our own collection of found & reanimated speakers, which we arrange around the room as we see fit. These are connected by speaker cable on the floor, which the venue should be prepared to secure with tape or in another appropriate manner. We also like to turn natural resonating features of the room, such as windows, gables, vaulted ceilings, in to speakers, by attaching woofers or tweeters to them. Ideally, the whole performance would be amplified solely through our unique "speaker garden", through which the audience could move at their leisure, providing a constantly shifting perspective, as each speaker is unique. We control the flow of the audio signal throughout the performance & bounce it around the room from our island & are completely independent of a sound technician. Very remote speakers can be fed with sound centrally by laser. In exceptional cases, say where the room is near or above 100 square meters, it may be desirable to support our own sound system with the house PA, in order to achieve the desired volume.
The Gegenschein