Achim Kaemper
Achim Zepezauer started to buy vinyl when he was eight years old. At age 19 he studied fine art in the Netherlands and made a decision to primarily channel this multidisciplinary senisibility into his work as a musician, improvisor and songwriter after choosing to leave the academy. Now based in Dortmund, Germany, some of his achievements have been: awarded the jazzwerkruhr prize 2006 for his DVD "Kuhzunft", featuring his films and music videos // changing of his name from Kämper to Zepezauer // establishment of the first free form college radio show in the ruhr area (2005 to present) // long-time member of the innovative large band / improv collective "The Dorf" // curation of the experimental concert series "mex" at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund // completely DIY production of his CD "Choose Your Favorite Nothing" featuring original artwork in handmade limited edition // currently also his DIY release "Zentrifuge" with solo songs and electronics with handmade unique cardboard sleeves // as well as his mindbreaking "Cardtalk" - project featuring an ancient cardboard phonograph with recycled CD that has sound carved onto its surface // soundccollage commissioned by the Moers Festival 2017 // releasing vinyl, cassettes and CDs in many settings.

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