Tobias Daemgen

When Tobias Daemgen is not on the road with Moritz Ellerich in their duo as RaumZeitPiraten, realizing audiovisual counter-realities together, he's busy developing sound-sensitive projection instruments and expansive, immersive light installations, with which he creates surreal performance environments located in a shifting space somewherebetween the laboratory and the playroom. These kinetic sound & light installations have been employed in a wide variety of contexts, from interactive work with other artists (dancers, musicians & authors) to shows at festivals for media art and museum exhibitions, to theater & opera productions, & finally to educational projects to promote the creative use of audiovisual media. In addition he follows his passion for visual "music-making" & improvising through spontanous collaboration with acoustic artists of all genres in order to expand his experience & vocabulary at the boundaries of optical-acoustic communication. His work has brought him to Japan (Japan Media Arts Festival 2008), Seoul (Incheon Digital Arts Festival 2009), Malmö (Art of the Overhead Festival 2009), & Gdansk (Narracje, Installations and Interventiones in Public Space 2011) among other places.

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