Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell (aka the preterite) is a turntapelist, for lack of a better term. Inspired by proponents of experimental work with vinyl, both avant-gerde & hiphop, the Berlin-based American expat built a one-of-a-kind instrument out of relics of the tape age, his "cassette scratch orchestra", composed of cast-off phrase trainers, selfmade scratchbunnies, a re-purposed & prepared analog cassette multitracker & piles of found & self-dubbed tapes. Campbell works in a variety of contexts, most notably solo as "the preterite", improvising freely, scratching abstract-emotive tone poems on the fly. Aside from composing for theater & dance, he curated the innovative "baender bender" concert series in Dortmund, Germany, & has collaborated with countless musicians as diverse as Claus Van Bebber & DJ Elephant Power, to name a few. He is also a member of a number of long-term bands with releases on Denovali and Leo Records among others. A solo debut double CD was released on the American label Weird Forest in Fall 2012. Previous festival appearances include Bent Festival (NYC), Moers New Jazz Festival, Traumzeitfestival, Jazzfest Berlin, Klara Festival (Brussels) & HMKV Industrial on Tour (Poland), among many others.

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